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 Wild at Heart

Discovering the secret of a Man’s soul




We have taught from John Eldredge’s book Wild at Heart in both the work and church environment.

Listed below is a chapter by chapter breakdown of one way it can be facilitated in a group setting.  Each chapter of the book is listed below with points to guide group discussion.

Coming soon- Movie clip suggestions with for each chapter!!!!

Chapter One- Wild at Heart

Chapter Two- The Wild One Whose Image We Bear

Chapter Three- The Question That Haunts Every Man

Chapter Four- The Wound

Chapter Five-The Battle For A Man's Heart

Chapter Six- The Father's Voice

Chapter Seven- Healing The Wound

Chapter Eight- A Battle To Fight: The Enemy

Chapter Nine- A Battle To Fight: The Strategy

Chapter Ten- A Beauty To Rescue

Chapter Eleven- An Adventure To Live

Chapter Twelve- Writing The Next Chapter

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